Our Story

Why we started Thrive Agency

We’re ex startup founders. We know how incredibly challenging it is to build a new business from the ground-up. Achieving meaningful scale with sustainable economics will make or break your fledgling business.

Growth hacks and one-off tactics are seldom repeatable. Marketing channels get saturated over time. And this isn’t just a startup problem. Our professional experience at corporations has taught us that traditional marketing models are capital-inefficient.

The problem lies in quantifying and attributing ROI to specific marketing efforts. Complex multi-channel customer journeys make traditional marketing methods yield suboptimal results.

We want a world with fulfilled customers. A world with businesses that add 12x value to the economy.

So we turned to science, technology and data. Instead of 72-page marketing plans and hot tactics, we reverse engineer the path to your customers with growth marketing.

Your Growth Partner

Harry (Harshit) Sekhon

Harry has deep empathy for founders. A result of prior experience in working at and building startups.

He believes people – processes – technology are the order of priorities for business success.

With a diverse career and voracious appetite for learning about new concepts, he’s great at connecting the dots between seemingly disconnected concepts.


Growth processes, Digital advertising, Conversion-focussed design, Copywriting, Product management, Email marketing, CRMs

Prior Roles

Founder, Feastively Meal Kits

Product Strategy, Treasury Wine Estates

Industry / Verticals

eCommerce (subscription model), SaaS (food-tech, ad-tech, sales-tech), FMCG (retail)

Community Projects

Mentor at RocketSeeder – Food & Agri Business Accelerator

Growth at YumTum – Fun Online Experiences for Remote Teams (COVID-support for hospitality staff)

We Are Your On-Demand Growth Marketing Team

Generate meaningful and sustainable results with data & experiment-driven marketing across the entire customer lifecycle.