Post COVID-Lockdown Recovery: How We Achieved 50% Revenue Growth for a Local Laser Clinic

Case Study

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About the Client

OzMedica Aesthetic Clinic has been operating since 2016 on Malvern’s (VIC) busy High Street. They offer premium laser treatments for body contouring, tattoo removal and skincare.

The client relies primarily on foot traffic due to its close proximity to the commercial precinct.

SculpSure body contouring is the highest ticket laser treatment offered by OzMedica, ranging from $1,500 to $6,000 average value per customer.

Executive Summary

OzMedica Aesthetic Clinic in Malvern reopened its doors in November 2020, after a 7-month hiatus due to COVID restrictions on businesses in Victoria, Australia.

When OzMedica Aesthetic Clinic approached Thrive, we proposed an integrated data-driven approach to sales & marketing with clearly defined marketing goals.

Within 3 months Ozmedica was back to pre-lockdown monthly revenue despite starting from zero. In 5 months we delivered a 50% increase in monthly revenue compared to the same period in 2019.

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Business Challenges

As a local business OzMedica relied primarily on foot traffic to sustain the business. This worked well until the pandemic led to total loss of business. When operations resumed, consumer behavioural patterns had changed. People made trips for necessities and exercised caution in visiting discretionary venues, like this cosmetic clinic.

Before recommending solutions we conducted a thorough audit of the business over 3 weeks. Our audit revealed the following major challenges:

1. Marketing Strategy Alignment

The business did not have in-house marketing strategy development capability. The responsibility to develop a strategy was outsourced to agencies previously engaged by the business. However, agencies pursued a tactical approach, rather than a sustainable strategic approach to marketing. The marketing tactics being pursued were incompatible with business objectives.

2. Missed Sales Opportunities

The overseas inbound contact centre lacked a data platform to record and follow-up with phone-based leads. Inbound leads from web forms and phone calls were lost since there was no way to track or trace them.

3. Campaign Profitability

Prior lead generation campaigns, supported by digital advertising, were unprofitable due to a very high lead acquisition cost of $137.

4. Customer Data

Lead and customer data was spread across multiple lists and systems with no clarity on lead-to-customer conversion rate. This also posed a data security issue.

The Solution

Rather than focusing on the short-term business goal of generating leads, we proposed fixing the sales & marketing infrastructure first.

This includes marketing analytics, customer relationship management, customer data collection and the marketing-to-sales hand-off process. Our aim was to have complete visibility of the customer journey in order to identify optimisation opportunities at each touchpoint.

1. Customer Lifecycle Management

In order to have a single source of truth for both the in-house sales team and us we deployed HubSpot CRM to track and manage customers’ lifecycle. All marketing activity is tracked for known contacts.

2. Ad Strategy: Mobile-first + Video + Offer

We launched a multi-channel advertising funnel campaign across Youtube, Facebook video, Google Display and Google Search to increase brand awareness and generate leads. The ads also improved customer retention and revisit rate.

3. AI for Ad Optimisation

Without prior extensive profile research on their customers, we were unable to ascertain the creative direction of video advertisements. We took an experimental approach, through the use of stock and in-house video footage to discover what resonates best with specific audiences. We found that informational short-length video ads with people and light colours performed best on Facebook mobile news feed for women aged 45-54 who use Android phones. This helped us refine the overall ad strategy.

4. Data Integration

Although a cloud contact centre solution was being utilised, it wasn’t integrated with any data platform. By connecting the cloud contact centre solution to the CRM we were able to get a better understanding of the customer’s journey. Marketing media platforms too were connected to the CRM.

5. Performance Reporting Transparency

Instead of charging the client for non-value-add activities, such as weekly and monthly sales & marketing performance reporting, we opted for real-time executive dashboards. This gave the OzMedica team full transparency on our performance. It also gave us clarity on marketing channel attribution.


This strategy may seem onerous for a small business. However, the value of our approach lies in the results. Here’s what we were able to achieve for the client.

1. Revenue Growth

Within the first 3 months, Thrive Growth Marketers had recovered 100% of the monthly revenue lost due to the lockdown.

By the fifth month, monthly gross revenue was up 50% compared to the same period in 2019 (2020 data treated as an exception).

2. Reduced Cost per Lead

Continuous optimisation and experimentation led to a 72% decrease in cost per lead. We achieved this by optimising conversions on purpose-built lead generation landing pages in addition to optimising the ad audience, copy, creative, placement and budgets.

Facebook Campaign Results

3. Multi-Channel Lead Acquisition

Multi-channel advertising has been consistently delivering 30 – 50 leads each week. In addition to this, a secondary impact has been the increase in the number of enquiries from phone calls and Facebook Messenger.

“Thrive provided my business much needed lifeline after the COVID lockdown. They were able to deliver results quickly. We are about to hire another clinician since we’re unable to keep up with all the consultation requests.”

Nihla Fouz
Managing Director, Ozmedica Aesthetic Clinic

Services Utilised

  1. Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategy
  2. Unified Marketing Analytics
  3. Digital Advertising Strategy
  4. Advertising-Driven Lead Generation and Customer Retention
  5. Conversion Rate Optimisation

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